Dr Shawn Hsia


Choosing a GP can be tricky: every patient has their own unique style, story and needs. Likewise, each GP brings their accumulated experience, personality and skill to the consultation. Dr Shawn was born in Taiwan, grew up in New Zealand, trained in South Australia and now working in Perth. He understands that people come from different backgrounds, and there is no one model that fits all.

Dr Shawn graduated from Flinders University in South Australia in 2011 with his medical degree, and then earned his Fellowship with the RACGP after training in WA. He has extensive experience in surgery and has a Master in Surgical Sciences from Adelaide University. 

Dr Shawn has a particular interest in skin cancer, minor surgical procedures, preventive medicine, mental wellbeing and men’s health. Shawn does not know all the answers, and will not pretend to, but he will try and help you find a solution.

Dr Shawn wakes up to strong coffee, appreciates arts, loves music, and has a good taste in wine. He jogs everyday, and is an utter nerd who spends his free time studying and reading. Dr Shawn is ready to help and consult you to sustain a healthier, and happier lifestyle.