Prostate Screening

Prostate cancer is considered a slow growing cancer but it still accounts for 13% of cancer death in Australia a few years back.

It is more common in older men. Whether or not you have urinary symptoms, as long as you are at least 50 years old, it will be worthwhile to have your prostate check.

Our friendly doctors can talk to you and ask more about your symptoms and even request a PSA level check. Contact us anytime or book your appointment online.

Dr Ben Banwait

Dr Ben Banwait has been a GP for over 20 years. His experience ranges from working as a General Practitioner,…

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Dr Anetta Rybak

Dr Anetta Rybak completed her medical degree at the University of Western Australia in 1998 and worked in surgical posts…

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Dr Ash Adhikari

Dr Ashmita graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2011 and has spent several years working on the east…

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