Breast Screening

Life as a woman can be both wonderful and challenging. There are a few things unique to a woman throughout her lifetime including how to screen for breast cancer more so if there is a history in the family.

About 13% of women in NSW develop breast cancer in their lifetime and 90% of them n0t even have a family history of breast cancer. Diagnosis is easy though via self-breast examination and perhaps a mammogram every 2 years for women ages 50-74.

Hence the earlier the cancer is picked up, the easier it can be managed. Early detection is really important. Why then wait when a few minutes of consultation with one of our team members can spell a big difference? See us soon.

Dr Esmee Cordes

Esmee graduated with her medical degree in Amsterdam. Esmee moved to Australia over 10 years ago and has worked throughout…

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Dr Anetta Rybak

Dr Anetta Rybak completed her medical degree at the University of Western Australia in 1998 and worked in surgical posts…

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Dr Ash Adhikari

Dr Ashmita graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2011 and has spent several years working on the east…

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Dr James Jooste

James graduated from UWA in 1999 and then worked in metropolitan and rural areas in clincal, teaching and research settings….

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