We have full support and advice in one place

Do you want a program that is as individual as you are, not designed for the masses but designed for you?

We have a medical weight loss program that begins and ends with you. We have full support and advice in one place. Learn how to change and maintain your lifestyle for ongoing weight loss success and management.

You will begin your journey with a 1 hour appointment with the nursing team. They will conduct a comprehensive health assessment and baseline figures using the following tests, ECG, lifestyle assessment, heart rate and blood pressure. An appointment with a GP will be made to follow up blood test results, if required and discuss any medical concerns.

Mediloss gives you the option to also visit a psychologist and dietician to assist with your weight loss journey. You will be energised by your personal exercise physiology appointment that will build a program for you and you alone, taking into account all of your personal details and health issues.

As you set out on your weight loss journey, you will be supported by our exercise physiologists to guide you on your way. You will be asked to have regular consults with Sam to track and discuss your progress.

Anything is possible, it’s your choice whether or not you choose to make it happen.