Fitness for Duty Assessments

Occupational Physician for a Fitness for Duty Assessment

The worker’s health is in constant change through their lifetime, adverse factors like ageing, work related and non-work-related injuries, illness and diseases, habits, exposures, etc., could affect the worker’s physical and mental fitness for work at any time.

It is, therefore, essential for employers to make sure that those changes are not affecting the workers’ self and others health and safety when performing their usual duties

The Occupational physicians

The Occupational physicians are independent professionals that hold the skills and knowledge necessary to perform in-depth assessments of the working conditions that can impact a worker’s capacity. This includes an understanding of the interactions between the physical demands of a role against the working environment, physical / mental / emotional capability, as well as any current or pre-existing, injuries/illnesses.

The following indicators should ideally trigger referral to an Occupational Physician for a Fitness for Duty Assessment:

  • Uncooperative or anti-social behaviour
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Prolonged work performance of a poor standard
  • Adverse workplace incidents
  • Workplace or home-based accidents

Employers are duly provided with a comprehensive report that legally enables corrective action to be administered. Our Fitness for Duty Assessments also gives peace-of-mind that a work or non-work related condition has resolved to the extent that it is safe for an employee to resume full duties.